Leadership Prep School

Hillary Yowell - Art Teacher

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Hillary Hi! My name is Hillary Yowell and I am the secondary art teacher here at Leadership Prep School. This year, I will be teaching:

Middle School Art (5th - 7th Grade)

High School Art 1 (8th - 9th Grade)

Teen Living (7th Grade)

 I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of North Texas with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Art Education with a certification in Art EC-12.

 I believe that art education has the potential of creating a lasting positive impact on a child’s self-efficacy as they develop as artists and overcome obstacles. It broadens their perspectives and increases their appreciation and understanding of others. Also, it allows children to express themselves in healthy ways without judgment.

 An important aspect of art education is that it enables students to approach an advanced level of introspection and understanding that would be inaccessible through the technical subjects alone. Artmaking presents a unique combination of both conceptual and technical obstacles. Through critical thinking, reflection, and discovery, a child is able to navigate the complexities of artmaking, while building necessary life skills.

  I have very high expectations for my students and I strive to influence their perception of art. I am an advocate for the arts and I expect my class to instill students with a lifelong desire to partake in the arts with a heightened appreciation and understanding. Above all else, I will emphasize and encourage the importance of healthy expression, a lesson that will resonate through their future endeavors.


“Learning begins when students begin to see themselves as competent, capable, and worthy of learning” –Sonia Nieto