Leadership Prep School


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Hi Families!

We are in the process of completing middle of year reading and math testing.  Please make sure your child is here on time and is prepared to do their best each day! 

A few things…


*There is a new email for reporting absences:  elementaryattendance@lpsfrisco.com

                *please send a doctor’s note upon returning if necessary


*Please make sure you are practicing math facts with your child.  You can make flashcards or purchase them.


*Please make sure your child is prepared each day with their lunch and utensils (spoon, fork, napkin, etc.) needed for eating it.  Our lunch is scheduled from  11:20-11:50. 

*Students have a book box in our classroom.  Please send a few books from home for your child to place in their book box.  The book must fit in a shoebox size plastic container.  Thanks! J

*Please remember to post any dismissal changes on School Dismissal Manager prior to 2:30 each day.

*Accidents of all kinds can happen in first grade.  Please send a baggie of extra uniform clothes in your child’s backpack.


What are we learning next week:

Grammar/Writing:  past tense verbs: WAS and WERE/ using a graphic organizer to create a story, writing a story with a beginning, middle, and ending

Phonics/Spelling: ai/ay

Math:  Topic 6: adding and subtracting with 2 or 3 numbers, balancing equations, Topic 6 Test; Topic 7:  counting forward and backward from any number between 1-120

Science/Social Studies:   magnets, push/pull, attraction

TLIM Habit:  Habit 5:  Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood

100th DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! 2/8/17
1st grade will dress like they are 100 years old to show school spirit on this special day. If your child would like to participate it;s super easy! No purchases necessary. A sheet will be going home with more details about this day. It will be fun for us to use our imagination!!