Rebecca Maritt

Rebecca Maritt

  • Academic Coach Grades 5-9


    I’m beyond excited to be a LPS academic coach this year. My own kids have been proud Lions since the inaugural year and we cherish the freedoms and creativity pursued by the quality team committed here. I believe our students need to feel respected for their unique perspective and motivated to make contributions. My focus as a coach will be to help each child pursue his or her best work and to show them the immeasurable value they can have in their community.


    I studied abroad in a university bilingual program and graduated from North Texas. I had a varied career for about 15 years as a radio and television journalist in DFW but continued to invest in kids through weekly programs. I most recently spent two years implementing a preschool-elementary program with a dynamic, creative curriculum emphasis. I’ve developed an interactive teaching style over the years… and sometimes it includes costumes.


    I love Texas and married my high school best friend (Captain America). We have three, crazy different kids and live in a house on a dirt road. (That’s why my suburban is always filthy!) My family loves to camp, play games, and host families at Maritt Park. I am constantly plotting how I can get to a white sandy beach. Invitations? Anyone?


    I am energized to be part of a team challenging kids to grow as a whole person, not just academically. I very much value the experience of older generations and am passionate for an intergenerational community at LPS where mentoring is a duplicated legacy.


    I’m available for any questions (and parties) at


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