Leadership Prep School

Christyn Gossett

Christyn Gossett

  • Christyn Gossett 5th-9th grade Co-Teacher


    Hello LPS families! I’m Christyn Gossett or Mrs. G to some of the veteran students. This is my first year officially teaching at Leadership Prep. Some of you may recognize me from Club LIT or substituting from a previous year. Last year, I was a lead teacher at Celebration Preschool where I really learned that I have a passion for teaching. This year, I will be co-teaching with a concentration in Social Studies (I LOVE History).


    I am a mommy of two beautiful children, Zaeni and Maximus. My daughter, Zaeni, will be starting kindergarten and my son, Maximus, is in pre-school.  I am married to a marine, Eddy Gossett, who will be attending a law enforcement academy during this school year. When I’m not working, you will more than likely find me here on the weekends serving in the children’s ministry.


    I am truly honored and excited to work with you this year!


    Christyn Gossett