Leadership Prep School

4th Grade Weekly Update


    This week: April 24th-28th


    *FROM THE LIBRARY:  Students need to return/recheck their books each week on their library day.


    ** Students need to bring in earbuds to keep in their backpacks. They will need them for Stemscopes, TTM, & I-station.






    Wed. 26th:

    • Rufus the Recycling Dog - 9:15-9:45am in the Power Plant (4th)

    Mon. 24th: Lunch with a Loved One: A-F   11:00-1:00pm

    Tues. 25th: Lunch with a Loved One: G-O    11-1:00pm

     Wed. 26th:

    • Lunch with a Loved One: P-Z 11-1:00pm
    • Scholastic Classroom money due to homeroom classes for contest


     Coding- Part 3: Coding with Minecraft

    • Learning Key Vocabulary and Coding Operations



    •  Poetry and Wonder





    • Suggestion: Practice multiplication/basic division flash cards at home


    • Personal Financial Literacy and Data


    • Chapters 15-16




    • Electronic Circuits

    • Force and Motion




    •  Texas statehood


    • Reading skill: fact and opinion