Leadership Prep School

Weekly Update

  • Uniforms- We have seen many students out of compliance in regards to uniforms. Teachers will be sending home reminders as well as referrals for students who continue to be out of uniform compliance. Uniform rules are as follows:

    • Students must wear plain navy blue or white shirts with a collar. (No turtle necks shirts unless they are underneath a collared shirt)
    • Layering shirts under uniform shirts must be plain white or navy blue.
    • Pants/shorts must be khaki or navy blue.
    • Shirts must be tucked in.
    • Belts are required for pants/shorts with belt loops.
    • Girls skirts/dresses/jumpers must be navy blue or khaki with modesty shorts of the same color.
    • Shoes must be predominately black, brown, white, blue or gray.
    • Shoelaces should be plain black, brown, white, navy blue or gray.
    • Sweaters for classroom use must be plain navy blue, white, or black. Only LPS logos are allowed on sweaters worn in the classroom.
    • All uniform clothing (as well as jeans on jeans days) must be free of rips or tears.
    • Winter jackets may be of any color or design, but will not be allowed to be worn in the classroom.
    • Please LABEL your child’s name on all of their items.


    Homework: Please be sure you are working with your child on sight words every week that are posted on our website, as well as reading for 15 minutes with your child (or your child is reading independently for 15 minutes) for homework. Completing the nightly math homework page in the math packet will help reinforce what is being taught in class each day as well. Setting homework routines now will help your child be successful in first grade as well. We will be starting weekly spelling tests soon.


    100th Day of School: We love celebrating being 100 days smarter in Kindergarten! On Wednesday, February 8th we will have stations set up all day working with the number 100. To celebrate, students are asked to celebrate the 100th day of school by decorating a shirt/hat/apron/necklace/cape etc. to wear to school that has 100 of something on it. Get creative and have fun! Please be sure you use hot glue or fabric glue when adhering your items to fabric. With experience we can tell you that things will fall off it they are not secured properly. Students not wearing 100 items on a shirt, may wear their class shirt with jeans with the item that displays 100 things. Please do not decorate the class shirt in any way. Hobby Lobby is a great place to go to buy plain colored shirts/hats/aprons for less than $3 and they also sell fun stickers, googly eyes, foam shapes, buttons etc. in bulk that can be used to decorate your child’s item. Pinterest has great ideas for the 100th day of school if you need to look online for some ideas.  Be creative and have fun! This is always a fun and memorable day for students.


    Please note: Student-led conferences have been moved from early February to mid-March. More information will be sent to you regarding student-led conferences after Spring Break.


    Learning Objectives for the Week of 1/23:


    Leader of the Day: (Please arrive at school by 7:45am)

    Monday: Student #4

    Tuesday: Student #5

    Wednesday: Student #6

    Thursday: Student #7

    Friday: Student #8



    Homework (Monday-Thursday):

    Practice HF words: all, some

    Math packet homework page

    Independent Reading /Read to your child for 15 minutes



    Language Arts:

    HF Words: good, could, would, what

    Introduce Peg the Hen and short vowel /e/

    Short-e Book: Peg the Hen

    Short-e word families: -et, -ed, -ell

    Introduce digraph: /ck/

    Fiction/Nonfiction Story: “The Little Red Hen”, Backpack Bear’s Bird Book, weather books

    Comprehension: characters, setting, plot


    Rhyming Words





    Lesson 8-5: Finding Differences

    Lesson 8-6:  Subtraction Sentences

    Lesson 8-7: Explaining Subtraction

    Lesson 8-8: Problem Solving: Use Tools

    Topic 8 Review & Test


    Science/Social Studies:




    Important Dates:

    Monday 1/23- Report Cards Sent Home

                         Open House for Prospective Families @ 6:30pm

    Wednesday 1/25- Kindergarten Award Ceremony in Student Auditorium, 2:15pm

                              Wear Yellow Day for School Choice Week

    Wednesday 2/8- 100th Day of School