Leadership Prep School

Weekly Update

  • Kindergarten students are continuing to work on following classroom rules and procedures.


    Your child’s daily blue folder will be coming home every day starting Monday. Please empty the folder each night, initial the daily Power Square and return it in your child’s backpack each day.


    We would like to remind parents to pack your child’s snack in a backpack pocket, not in the lunch box. Please remember that your child’s snack should be healthy and easy to eat with their hands. Please do not send a snack that requires utensils. Utensils are not provided by LPS. Please send utensils if your child’s lunch requires it. Please only send water in water bottles. Thank you!


    Homework is optional in kindergarten. The school day is very long for 5 and 6 year olds. We feel that your child should have time at home each day for play and family time to help nurture your child’s social and emotional growth. Your child’s teacher will notify you if your child would benefit from extra practice at home. Each week we will suggest what your child should be working on at home if you would like to have he/she complete homework.  Homework is checked by the parents for accuracy and does not need to be returned to school.


    Learning Objectives for the Week of 8/21:


    Leader of the Day:

    Starting the week of 8/28-More information on this will be provided in the next Weekly Email.



    Homework (Monday-Thursday):

    Practice HF words:  see, me

    Review Letters/Sounds: B

    Nightly Math Homework Page-Blue page in math packet

    Independent Reading /Read to your child for 15 minutes



    Language Arts:

    Letter:  Bb /b/

    HF Words: see, me

    Introduce Starfall and Backpack Bear

    Fiction/Nonfiction Story: Kissing Hand, Brown Bear Brown Bear, Elmer

    Comprehension: Predicting, retelling, making connections, problem/solution

    Recognizing Names

    Rhyming words

    Identifying Colors

    Introduce Same/Different-Animals given human characteristics




    Introduce Topic 1: Numbers 0 to 5

    Lesson 1-1: Counting 1, 2 and 3

    Lesson 1-2: Recognizing 1, 2 and 3 in Different Arrangements

    Lesson 1-3: Reading and Writing 1, 2 and 3

    Lesson 1-4: Counting 4 and 5

    Lesson 1-5: Making 4 and 5



    Science/Social Studies:

    The 7 Habits



    Important Dates:

    9/4: NO SCHOOL: Labor Day

    9/11: K-4 Curriculum Night, 6:30pm-8:30pm

    9/15: Class Shirt and Jeans Day

    9/15: Progress Reports sent home